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The Silver Phoenix Woodland Collection of jewellery is unique. It is not easy to craft and takes time, patience and a true affinity with nature. There is a very special reason for the inspiration behind the Woodland Collection and that is CrystalWood. We are in the process of purchasing our very own piece of native broadleaf British woodland in East Sussex and we want to open a Forest School to help children and adults learn about nature and be able to enjoy being in the woodland at the same time. Woodland is a vital part of our biodiversity and protecting mature native trees will really help. The text appearing and disappearing into this beautiful background image is intentional as we sometimes have to take a closer look to notice the beauty of our surroundings...

10% of all Woodland Collection sales are going to the CrystalWood fund
so we can start our journey toward setting up an official charity, running
Forest Schools and purchasing more native British Woodland
to cherish and keep safe.

This collection is truly unique. Most pieces here are sold but contact me if you want to know what's currently in stock. See more Silver Phoenix Studio jewellery at Another Green World in Tintagel, Cornwall http://www.peterpracownik.com/

Instead of making jewellery look like bark and leaves I decided to use ACTUAL wood, bark, leaves and other items found in nature. It has taken a long time to work out a way to make these beautiful pieces hard-wearing, without compromising the integrity of the materials I am using. Not all pieces of bark and vine can be made into a piece of jewellery but those that can have yielded beautiful results. More pieces wil be added whenever I can find suitable bark and woodland treasures. These pieces are beautiful to wear and feel soft and smooth against the skin. Having a piece of nature close to you connects you with the Native British Woodland and it's flora and fauna.
Birch Bark Scroll Cuff
Light coloured silver birch bark and silver scroll cuff bracelet. A lightweight but sturdy bracelet that wraps softly around the wrist with the smooth bark next to your skin. Medium size but can be squeezed gently to fit wrist shape.

Price: SOLD
  Wide Yew Bark and silver cuff Bracelet
A truly stylish, heavy silver cuff with yew bark picked up from the ground at Chalice Well in Glastonbury wrapped around the cuff. This piece sold on its first outing so I am now searching for another stunning piece of bark.

Price: SOLD
Slim Chestnut Bark and silver cuff bracelet
Slim silver cuff made from sinuous chestnut tree bark. This piece is stylish and has some weight. Silver terminators finish the cuff as it wraps around the wrist. Small size.

Price: SOLD
  Oak 'Heartwood' Pendant
If you love trees you will love this gorgeous little heart pendant cut from Oak tree bark and suspended on an 18" silver diamond cut chain. It's a better way to say you love trees than carving onto their trunks!

Price: SOLD
Malachite Wood Pendant
This unusual piece of wood was picked up under the Yew trees at Knowlton Church earthworks in Dorset. It has been worked with a chisel before we found it so it's a mystery what is is, or was. Set with a stunning green Malachite with a subtle silver wrap.

Price: SOLD
  Oak 'Heartwood' silver dangle pendant
Another beautiful assymetric elongated heart pendant with a tiny silver disc dangle. Has an 18" diamond cut chain. The bark is around 4mm thick so it has substance but is feather light.

Price: SOLD
Medium Birch Bark Cuff
Gorgeous natural birch bark and sterling silver cuff with amazing patterns and knots. These peices cannot be mass produced as it takes the right piece of bark at the right thickness and flexibility to craft each cuff. Approx 3cm wide.

Price: SOLD
  Wild Honeysuckle Torc Bangle
Wild honeysuckle torc style bangle with sterling silver wrapping and custom-made silver hook fastening. Has all the beauty of nature in her raw state. Amazing felxibility and a joy to wear. Will suit men and women. Large size.

Price: SOLD
Wrapped Pine Cone
Whimsical little pine cone with silver wrapping! Everybody loves this little gem and it is a unique piece. Makes a glorious pendant so if you like woodlands, you will just love this one. More on the way as soon as my pine cone stash is ready.

Price: SOLD
  Honeysuckle Double Bangle
Beautiful sterling silver wire wrapped wild honeysuckle bangle with silver spirals. Double overlap on one side with sinuous silver wire filling the natural twist of the vine. Chunky and very tactile bangle. Large size.

Price: £39.95
Wide Birch Bark Cuff
Stylish and beautiful actual birch bark and sterling silver cuff. This piece is the first of the series and was sold to a good friend and fellow silversmith (thanks Catherine!). Bark next to the skin along with sumptuous silver makes this piece one in a million.

Price: SOLD
  Sprial Birch Bark Cuff
Stunning birch bark cuff with solid silver spiral frame. This piece has to be seen to be believed. Has a natural flexibility and a majestic presence on the wrist. Will fit a fairly large wrist and can be gently bent/squeezed to fit your shape.

Price: SOLD
Honeysuckle Vine Bangle
This torc style bangle is made from the wild honeysuckle vine that wraps itself around trees in the woodland. It is intertwined with sterling silver and finished with silver terminators, leaving the ends open so the vine and silver strands can be seen.

Price: SOLD
  Sacred Yew Bark Pendant
This exquisite yew bark, freshwater pearl and silver pendant is made from the bark of the sacred yew tree in the grounds of Chalice Well in Glastonbury. Picked up from the ground and lovingly crafted into a feather light pendant.

Price: SOLD
Real Ivy Leaf Pendant
This feather light pendant is made from a real ivy leaf encased in clear resin and varnish with a silver frame and real freshwater pearl dangles. It has a black suede tie-up thong and green crackle beads on the ends. It is a delicate and delicious piece.

Price: SOLD
  Birch Bark Pendant
A real piece of birch bark, wrapped in silver wire with silver and a green glass bead on a long suede thong. A feather light piece that embodies the spirit of the woodlands. Wearing actual bark, leaves and woodland material makes you feel in harmony with nature.

Price: SOLD

This range is truly unique and it takes time to forage and select woodland material. All that is used here is picked up from the ground or the vines untangled from the trees to let them breathe as Japanese Honeysuckle is not native to this country and is a problem for trees, much as ivy can strangle and kill them so we are doing the trees a favour by removing it. Finding bark, leaves, vines and other material that will actually work as jewellery is the real challenge. Some bits don't want to comply and I ask permission (important if you are taking from nature) before I start on a new piece. I adore making this range and hope it is appreciated and loved as much by those who choose to own and wear it.

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