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We want your jewellery to last as long as possible so there's a few hints and tips here to keep it looking good. Some pieces are made from natural elements and need some extra consideration and care. If you follow these recommendations your jewellery should remain in good condition. If of course you have any trouble or want to ask any questions then please contact me and I will see if I can help.

The Pure Baltic raw amber pendant set in a simple silver cradle on the right is for sale.

Price: £48.95

Please contact me if you are interested in buying this unique piece.
All silver jewellery may tarnish over time, especially if it is not being worn. We want you to enjoy Silver Phoenix Studio jewellery at its best and we will tell you if a piece needs special treatment.

A gentle wash in warm soapy water, rinse and gentle patting dry will keep most pieces in good condition. You can use a soft silver cloth if your piece needs a bit more of a clean but please don't put any of our jewellery in silver dips as this may harm stones.


If you buy any of our natural, rare Baltic Amber it will always be genuine and never a resin or plastic so there are a few extra considerations to keep it looking its best:

- Never put amber in silver dips or corrosive cleaners
- Do not leave in direct sunlight
- Apply prefume, deodorants and cosmetics before you put on your amber jewellery
- Amber is for wearing and not chewing!
- Treat your amber as a delicate material
- Do not bathe, swim or allow contact with suntan lotions and creams


This collection is made from delicate natural material and although normal wearing should not have any impact on the piece it is best to follow the following tips to keep it at its best.

- If you do get your Woodland piece wet, wipe with a soft, dry cloth as soon as possible and leave at room temperature to dry completely
- Some pieces are delicate and should be treated as such, especially if the piece is made from leaves
- Do not spray perfume, lotions and deodorant directly onto pieces
- Do not bathe, swim or shower with your Woodland Collection jewellery on
- Do not try and force the piece to bend, be gentle


If a piece includes natural feathers it is best that you don't get them wet as they will bunch together and look messy. That's why birds are continually preening and oiling their feathers to keep them dry and in good condition! If you do get them wet or muddy wash them very gently in tepid water and use a hair dryer on a cool setting to dry them. Stroke the feather in the direction it naturally forms as there are little 'barbs' that hold the filaments together a bit like a zipper, so treat your feathers well and they should last. Feathers used in my jewellery are either found or given to me as a gift. Some are bought from trusted sources and all are by-products.
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