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Wandering on the beach or through the countryside offers not only inspiration but actual material for my jewellery. This is probably my favourite type of work and each piece is made from beach glass, stones or shards of semi-precious stones that have organic texture and form. Finding sea/beach glass that has been smoothed and tumbled by the sea is no easy task. The blue glass is the hardest to find and you can spend hours staring at pebbles, sand, stones and rubbish just to find a decent piece of treasured sea glass. Some red and black sea glass found on the Southern beaches of the UK is believed to have been washed up from the Spanish Armada wrecks and can be worth a lot of money, so keep your eyes peeled when walking on the beach!

Sea glass collection coming shortly...
Green Sea Glass Pendant
Sea green tumbled beach glass from Broadstairs in Kent. One of a kind piece securely cradled in silver plated wire with spiral flourish. Measures 51mm long including bale. Long leather thong.

Price: SOLD
  Malachite Shard Pendant
Malachite shard held in place with silver plated wire. A very stylish piece with smart bands stretching across the beautiful green stripes of this amazing natural copper ore. Measures 55mm long including bale. Long leather thong. More available.

Price: SOLD
Hole Flint Pendant
Gorgeous little piece of flint with a perfect natural hole. Held securely with sterling silver spiral on a suede thong with handmade sterling spiral hook clasp fastening. Measures 28mm including bale.

Price: SOLD
  Amethyst Point Pendant
Stunning raw amethyst and quartz point stylishly wrapped in silver plated wire. It has amazing energy and a deep purple tip. Long leather thong.

Price: SOLD

More amethyst wire wrapped points available.
Flecked Flint Pendant
Stunning natural flecked flint stone that has been wire wrapped and held securely in place with a bundled spiral at the bale. Silver plated wire. Long leather thong.

Price: SOLD

More pebbles and wire wrapped stones available.
  Badbury Rings Flint Pendant
This beautiful piece of natural ochre flint was picked up at Badbury Rings Hill Fort in Dorset and has a natural curved piece missing. A gorgeous little polished bead of tourmalinated quartz sits in the natural hole and is wrapped together with the ochre flint.

Price: SOLD

The range displayed here are just a few examples and some may have already been sold but I can make one just for you. If you have some pebbles or stones you think would make great jewellery then email me a picture and the size and we will see if it will work. Nature yields many treasures so get beachcombing, foraging and look out for unusual pieces.

Email me with your requirements and I can make a piece especially for you that is as unique as a fingerprint and rest assured you will never see the same piece anywhere else!

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