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If you would like a piece of jewellery commissioned then I would be delighted to help. I am a silversmith and a jewellery designer to need a free rein to an extent.

The more the commissioned piece suits my style the better the results. I don't do jewellery or watch repairs as I am not trained to do this and would not take on anything if I didin't have utmost confidence in the finished job being the best quality. Please email me if you have an idea in your head but just can't find it anywhere on the web or in the shops and I am sure we can create your dream for you. 


This commission was made as a honeymoon gift. The solid silver heart necklace and earring set was handmade with Swarovski crystals set into the solid back bezels and then filled with a deep, sumptuous red transparent resin. Real freshwater pearls adorn the necklace and silver stud earrings making this a truly unusual set.

Designed from an initial brief that was very open, the only parameters being the earrings had to be studs and the colour should include red and be 50's inspired to match the honeymoon dress. I produced an illustration of the pieces that were approved before I started making the pieces and then let them evolve in my hands. Stunning, a joy to make and one of a kind. If you have a special gift you want to give then please contact me and I will design unique jewellery that can be worn and treasured for years to come.

This unique silver necklace (sorry about the fuzzy mobile phone picture) was created for a holistic massage therapy practitioner and is actually her own business logo! I really enjoyed creating this bespoke jewellery for her that she wears not only as a beautiful piece but as a PR item for her business. It creates conversations and therefore opens the door to discsussions about massage and holistic practice. Making the sign of a heart with the hands has become an easily recognised sign nowadays and appeals to all.

If you have a logo that you think could make a stylish piece of jewellery then we can have a look at how we can not only make a beautiful piece but how it could benefit your business!

This beautiful solid silver Georgian fork was crafted into a swirly made-to-measure bangle style bracelet and is a truly stunning piece weighing in at almost three ounces. The texture of this piece is exquisite and the weight makes it a real statement piece of jewellery.

If you have any solid silverware (spoons, forks and knives that are solid silver and not plated) that you would like me to craft into a piece of jewellery for you, please email me a picture and dimensions and we will see what we can create to

Coffee and mustard spoons work best and there are usually a few pieces on my stall if I can get hold of quality sterling and fine silver spoons and forks.

This was created as a leaving present for a lady who resonates with crystals and amethyst is one of the most powerful natural crystals to be worn and treasured. The commission also included an amethyst silver wrapped ring.

Wrapping natural crystals wholly depends on whether they will allow themselves to be contained. There are no holes drilled in the amethyst point so it had to be carefully wrapped to hold it tight enough to be worn and gently enough not to disturb the energy these crystals undoubtedly hold. Amethyst is of the purple ray. Its master place is the 3rd eye. It helps with anything to do with the head, i.e. headaches, stress, sleep and is a good all round pain reliever. It is great to have on you or anywhere in your environment.
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